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Air Armor 12 Volt Portable Compressor Kit

Manufacturer: SuperFlow

Manufacturer Part No.: M240

Our Part No.: SUPM240

Price: $155.00

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Air Armor 12 Volt Portable Compressor Kit

High volume, portable 12-volt compressor built into a powder coated, water resistant, steel ammo can which securely stores the air hose, power cord and accessories.
  • 10 foot cable with alligator clips connects directly to vehicle battery
  • 25 foot easy-to-coil, straight air service hose
  • M style 1/4 inch quick release air fitting and a lock-on ball foot commercial air chuck
  • flow rate of 2.1 cubit feet per minute
  • 33 inch tire can be inflated from 25 to 35 psi in less than 2 minutes
  • 100 percent duty cycle for 15 minutes
  • built-in pressure gauge
  • over pressure bleed valve protects against pump damage in the event of a dead ended hose
  • metal ammo can keeps and protects the compressor and its accessories
  • maximum pressure: 120 psi

  • included accessories:
  • 4 way valve tool removes valve cores and re-taps damaged tire valve threads inside and out
  • 10 to 120 psi dual-sided, angled foot tire gauge
  • 5 to 50 psi pencil style metal tire gauge
  • tire repair kit
    screwdriver handle reamer
    screwdriver plugger tool
    rubber cement
    4 - repair strings
    4 - black plastic valve caps
    4 - replacement valve cores
    4 - slotted metal valve caps
  • accessory storage box