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  Accessory 30
  Charging 15
  Chemicals 73
  Diagnostic 4
  Flushing 9
  Gauge / Hose 297
  Leak Detector 35
  Refrigerant Identifier 1
  Refrigerant Recycling 48
  Repair Part 33
  Scale 8
  Tool 79
  Vacuum Pump 36
  Ventilation Sanitizing 1
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Robinair 17580 - A/C Flushing System
A/C System Flusher
Makes flushing of lines, evaporators and condensers fast and easy.
  • One gallon of flush solvent is recommended for each flush procedure. During the closed loop flush operation, the solvent is filtered through a replaceable filter before being restored to the internal storage vessel. An activated charcoal filter limits odors while solvent is being removed from the component during the purge cycle.
  • Closed Loop: circulates solvent continuously through components (adapters are needed).
  • Pulsing Action: Loosens dirt, corrosion and other debris; by switching the hoses, you can also back flush.
  • Air Agitation Needle Valve: Bubbles air into liquid stream to enhance cleaning action.
  • Hose Adapters: Contains adapters to mate with 1/4 inch flare and 3/8 inch quick disconnect fitting kits.
  • Sight Glass: tank level sight glass for easy filling.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 33 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • Supply Pressure: 80-150 PSI
Manufacturer: Robinair Our Part No: 17580
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Robinair 17580
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Price $2,169.83
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