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Power Probe PPMTKIT-01 - Electronic Micro Torch Kit

Get one pair of Power Probe Shaded Safety glasses with each purchase of a Power Probe Item.


Electronic Micro Torch Kit
The Power Probe Micro Torch Kit includes the Micro Torch, accessories and tips for many applications
  • Features an electronic ignition and flame adjustment from 1/2 to 2-1/2 inches
  • Easily refillable with butane and will last up to 2 hours between refills
  • Great for soldering, light brazing, stubborn fasteners, plastic forming, cutting, jewelry repair, arts and crafts, and BBQ lighting

  • specifications:
  • Maximum temperature of 2500 degrees F when used as torch
  • Maximum temperature of 950 degrees F when used for soldering
  • 120 Watt, 580 BTU

  • includes:
  • PPMT Micro Torch and base
  • Blower Tip
  • Hot Knife
  • Heat Shrink
  • Solder Tip
  • Blower Attachment
  • Tube of Rosin Core Solder
  • plastic case
Manufacturer: Power Probe Our Part No: PPMTKIT-01
Our Inventory Status: in stock
Power Probe PPMTKIT-01
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Price $50.83
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