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Power Probe PPECT3000 - Intelligent Circuit Tracer for Shorts and Opens

Get one pair of Power Probe Shaded Safety glasses with each purchase of a Power Probe Item.


Intelligent Circuit Tracer for Shorts and Opens
  • makes locating short and open circuits quick and more accurate
  • when the transmitter is connected to an isolated circuit, it quickly determines if the circuit has an open or shorted the ground
  • designed to detect the signal emitted from the transmitter with an adjustable height sensitivity of 8 inches
  • auto signal locking will show the correct direction to a short to ground
  • signal distance bar indicates the distance height from short to ground or open circuits
  • 10 minute auto shutoff time

  • includes:
  • PPECT3000 tool
  • back probe
  • blade probe
  • piercing probe
  • universal banana plug lead with 4mm plug
  • alligator clip adaptor
  • bulb adapters
  • 2 AAA batteries
Manufacturer: Power Probe Our Part No: PPECT3000
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Power Probe PPECT3000
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Price $89.97
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