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Private Brand Tools 70854 - 800ml Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit
800ml Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit
  • uses compressed air to generate deep vacuum to bleed old fluid and air from hydraulic brake systems
  • reduces repair times increasing productivity and profit
  • new design with unique patented built in safety valves prevents accidental fluid spray and spillage
  • compact size allows easy operation within wheel arch area
  • universal rubber fitting holds securely on brake bleed screw
  • quick connect coupler for hose interchange as required
  • convenient hanging hook and quick release trigger allows hands free operation
  • float valve shuts vacuum down when container reaches full to prevent dangerous brake fluid spray if capacity is accidentally exceeded
  • internal shut off valve closes when not in use to prevent fluid spills when stored
  • clear drain hose provides visible inspection of old fluid during bleeding
Manufacturer: Private Brand Tools Our Part No: 70854
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Private Brand Tools 70854
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Price $62.19
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