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Midtronics GR8-1100 - Diagnostic Conductance Charger 12V w/ MOSFET
Diagnostic Conductance Charger 12V w/ MOSFET

This all-in-one portable battery diagnostic station offers intelligent, controlled, and rapid charging combined with battery state-of-health analysis.

Routine maintenance checks are performed quickly and efficiently by identifying batteries nearing the end of their useful life before they fail out on the road.

The contoured rolling cart with detachable controller and optional integrated printer give you maximum flexibility for customer consultations anywhere in your shop.
    Battery Testing Technology
  • MOSFET Soft Switch Charging Technology
  • Dynamic Conductance Technology with advanced charge control
  • Precision charging voltage and current control

  • Program Management Tools
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Diagnostic Charging Mode
  • Power Supply Mode
  • Jump-Start Mode
  • Manual Mode
  • Top-off charging
  • Multiple diagnostic/charging algorithms including AGM/spiral batteries
  • Removable controller design
  • Integrated, roll-around cart design
  • Quick connect removable cables
  • Large Graphical Screen
  • Scroll Bar Capability
  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • Icon-Based Menus
  • Hot Keys

  • Advanced Communications Capabilities
  • Large back-lit graphical screen
  • Full alphanumeric keypad including hot keys
  • USB port
  • Data card reader/writer
  • Optional integrated thermal printer
  • Optional Zigbee wireless communication

  • specifications:
  • Dynamic conductance technology combined with advanced charge control
  • Applications: 12 volt battery testing and charging
  • Battery Types: AGM Spiral, AGM, and Gel
  • Operating Temperature: 32 F - 120 F (0 C - 49 C)
  • Charging Voltage: Up to 17 volts, .1 resolution
  • Charging Current: 0-60 Amps, 1 Amp resolution, 80 Peak Amps
  • Outputs
    Amp hours put into the battery
    Time remaining to charge in minutes

  • Languages: English, Spanish, French-Canadian
  • Housing Material: Acid resistant ABS plastic

  • optional accessories:
  • Built-in printer
Manufacturer: Midtronics Our Part No: GR8-1100
Our Inventory Status: available for order

WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or reproductive harm. For more in information follow this link.

Midtronics GR8-1100
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Price $1,950.00
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