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  Accessory 3
  Flashlight 16
  Flashlight, LED 28
  Flashlight, Rechargeable 13
  Industrial Light 91
  Light Reel 24
  Power Reel 34
  Reel Light 28
  Replacement Bulb 1
  Replacement Head 21
  Underhood Light 14
  Work Light 72
  Work Light, Rechargeable 77
Fowler 72-270-000 - Deep Hole Light
Deep Hole Light

  • Deep Hole Light permits viewing in deep holes, around corners, under grooves, etc
  • includes battery case for 2 penlight batteries and a battery case for one battery for use where space is limited; batteries not included
  • features a positive switch. curved and straight light conveying devices place intense illumination at their ends directly on the bottom of the hole being viewed. A small mirror permits viewing in a manner similar to a dentist examining teeth
  • includes plastic case
Manufacturer: Fowler Our Part No: 72-270-000
Our Inventory Status: in stock

Fowler 72-270-000
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Price $41.71
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