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Ammco 3000B - Lathe for Brake Drums
Lathe for Brake Drums No Adapters 110v/60hz
  • Fast -
    Adding the Ammco 3000B to a shop operating a disc or combo lathe will allow the machining of both rotors and drums simultaneously, saving time

  • Flexible -
    The 3000B can serve as a partner to a combination lathe, a rotor-only bench lathe or an on-the-vehicle lathe.

  • Convertible -
    Built on the formidable 4000 family platform, the 3000B can be converted to service rotors in the future should a shop's need grow.

  • Durable -
    The 4000 platform also means legendary durability and long life.

  • features:
  • Machines drums from most cars through medium-duty trucks (with appropriate adapter package).
  • Hex boring bar helps ensure correct tool angle.
  • Infinitely variable spindle drum feed from 0.002 to 0.02 inches per revolution.
  • Supports 100 lb drums with the standard 1 inch arbor and up to 200 lb. with optional arbor number 3481.
  • Feed automatically disengages when the drum is finished.
  • Easily adjustable pulleys for speed control.
  • Can be converted to a combination lathe if your needs change in the future with an optional gear box and twin cutter kit.
Manufacturer: Ammco   Our Part No: 3000B
Our Inventory Status: available for order

Ammco 3000B
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Price $7,812.90
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