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We make every effort to have our website information current and accurate. However, we reserve the right to make corrections for situations such as, but not limited to, pricing errors, product image errors, keying and description errors, products no longer available, current products with long lead times from manufacturers/distributors and limited availability due to market and promotional conditions. Alterations are subject to change without notice.

Pricing errors are subject to immediate change. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any orders placed at prices that prove to be incorrect. If you have received an order acknowledgement and/or your credit card has been charged it is because we anticipate our prices to be correct and the product(s) ordered to be available. We will issue an immediate credit for the amount you have been charged if it becomes necessary to cancel your order for any reason.

Merchandise that you purchase from us retains the manufacturer’s warranty. We do not offer any warranty of our own, either express or implied, for products that we sell. We do not warrant the suitability of any product that we sell for your intended use. We do not assume any liability for your use, misuse, damage, injury or other consequential damages that result from your use of your purchased products. Your remedy from us is limited to the replacement or repair of the purchased product. Product warranties and their remedies are handled strictly in accordance with the policy of the manufacturer who offers the warranty.

Your remedy from us is limited to the replacement or repair of the purchased product. Product warranties and their remedies are handled strictly in accordance with the policy of the manufacturer who offers the warranty. Credit will not be issued for warranties or product returns until the product has been received and inspected at the required return destination.

We retain title to products ordered until all costs associated with their procurement have been completely paid.

We make the best effort to provide accurate information at the time of inquiry. Our responses are often based upon the available data and communications from other entities. Information provided about issues such as, but not limited to, delivery time estimates, are provided as a service and are not guaranteed. We do not assume any liability for, or consequential damages resulting from, results that do not meet our best estimate. The sole remedy provided is to issue credit for the return of the product. As described in our Return Policy, the cost of product returns is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA), must be obtained from us prior to the return of merchandise. Credit will not be issued for merchandise returned without such authorization. Returned product(s) and product packaging must be in new condition. Product not meeting those criteria will be assessed a handling charge as described in the Return Policy. Any handling charges assessed will reduce the credit from the original amount paid for the product to a lesser amount.

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MARCH Feature Items
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Professional HD Series 46-in 12 Drawer Cabinet Black
Waterloo PCA-461224BK
Details for Waterloo PCA-461224BK
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Featured Price: $1,645.81
Professional HD Series 56-in 12 Drawer Cabinet Red
Waterloo PCA-561230RD
Details for Waterloo PCA-561230RD
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Featured Price: $2,535.63
SuperFlow Ultimate 12 volt Portable Air Compressor
SuperFlow MV-90
Details for SuperFlow MV-90
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Featured Price: $121.43
3/8 drive 56 pc and 1/4 drive 51 pc Socket Set Combo
GearWrench 80550P
Details for GearWrench 80550P
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Featured Price: $103.83
16 pc Metric and 13 pc SAE Flex Ratchet Wrench Set Combo
GearWrench 9902D
Details for GearWrench 9902D
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Featured Price: $221.95
16 pc Metric Master GearWrench Set with 9312 13 pc Sae Set
GearWrench 9416D
Details for GearWrench 9416D
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Featured Price: $164.79
12 pc Metric and 9 pc SAE XL Gearbox Ratchet Wrench Combo
GearWrench 85988
Details for GearWrench 85988
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Featured Price: $161.95
12 piece with 4 piece Metric Ratcheting Flex-Head Wrench Set
GearWrench 9901D
Details for GearWrench 9901D
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Featured Price: $126.00
10 pc 3/8 drive Metric and 11 pc SAE Ratcheting Crowsfoot Combo
GearWrench 89119
Details for GearWrench 89119
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Featured Price: $57.31
Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool with Double X Pliers
GearWrench 3680D
Details for GearWrench 3680D
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Featured Price: $58.55
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