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  Timing Light 22
Waekon SST42V - Test Light Computer Safe
Computer Safe Test Light

Computer and air bag safe! Identifies power, ground and opens on 6, 12, 24 and 42 volt circuits. Quickly find broken wires, blown fuses, bad switches and more!
  • Now works on 6V, 12V, 24V and 42 volt circuits. 42 Volt hybrid compatible!
  • Super Bright LED Headlamp, great for working under dash, under hood or behind door panels
  • Microprocessor controlled current loading capability for a TRUE test of powers and grounds. All the advantages of an incandescent Test Light, but computer and air bag safe
  • Dual Audible Tone and bicolor LED indicate power, ground or open circuits
  • 4" probe extension
  • screw-on alligator clip
  • banana plug
  • rugged blow molded case
Manufacturer: Waekon Our Part No: SST42V
Our Inventory Status: in stock
Waekon SST42V
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Price $74.10
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