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Waekon 76562 - Coil on Plug Tester
Coil on Plug Tester

  • The fastest way to verify the firing of a Coil Over Plug ignition coil and spark plug.
  • It eliminates the need for back -probing coil wires and disassembly to test at the coil connector or spark plug.
  • Variable sensitivity (VS) for greater diagnostic accuracy and expanded application coverage.

  • features:
  • Simply press the 7 inch long antenna probe against the ignition coil and use the thumb-wheel to adjust the sensitivity until the LEDs begin flashing.
  • Each time the unit detects a spark firing it will flash the bright LED strobe indicating sufficient kV and flash the green LED indicating sufficient Arc Duration.
  • This allows the technician to determine if the coil is firing the spark plug consistently, intermittently misfiring or not firing at all.

  • contains:
  • 7 inch Long Probe
  • Super Bright LED kV Strobe and Green LED Arc Indicator
  • Toll Free Tech Support
  • Battery Operated
Manufacturer: Waekon Our Part No: 76562
Our Inventory Status: in stock
Waekon 76562
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Price $83.46
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