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  Accessory 47
  Air Supply System 16
  Cleaner / Recycler 51
  Collision Repair 106
  Curing Light 7
  Paint Spray Gun 282
  Riveter 27
  Sand Blaster 12
  Spot Welder 18
  Storage 9
  Table 11
  Tool 160
  Wheel Masker 4
  Windshield Tool 6
Uni-ram UG5500E - Double Tank Gun Washer
Cascade Automatic Spray Gun Cleaners

  • Similar to 2 UG4000Es in one frame
  • Cleans to Paint Guns, 2 Pots in each tank
  • 14 Swirl Action Jets in each tank
  • Automatic Wash, air flush and Clean Rinse in each tank
  • Built in Vent for automatic fume extraction
  • Each Tank 17 in x 13 in x 13 in h
    Hose Cleaning:
  • Hose is flushed with wash solvent, then air, clean solvent and air again all in fewer than 60 seconds
  • Manual clean rinse in each tank using pedal activated flow through brush
  • Complete with pails
  • With a PS2 solvent switch, pails for both tanks can be connected to a solvent recycler
Manufacturer: Uni-ram Our Part No: UG5500E
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Uni-ram UG5500E
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Price $3,314.39
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