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Uni-ram UG5000EW - Two Tanks Equiv to UG4000 (Solvent) + UM120W (Water)
Uni-ram UG5000EW Automatic Spray Gun Cleaner - Automotive - Water Borne Paints

Dual, Two Tank Model, Right Tank equvalent to a UM120W, Left Tank to a UG4000, "EW" model is Combo Ready
  • Right Tank Cleaning Cycle: High Pressure Water activated by Foot Pedal
  • Right Tank Manual Cleaning: Flow Through Brush & Wash Nozzle
  • Left Tank Cleaning Cycle: Wash, Air Flush, Clean Rinse (100cc) and Air Flush
  • Combo Ready: Left Tank only (requires "EP2" Series solvent Recycler)
Manufacturer: Uni-ram Our Part No: UG5000EW
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Uni-ram UG5000EW
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Price $2,653.23
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