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TSI TW2000 - Twell Handler
Tweel Handler
  • The TW2000 Tweel Handler is an amazingly versatile tool that allows truck mechanics to remove, install, rotate and transport single tire-and-wheel assemblies with ease
  • The vertical range of conventional wheel dollies is three or four inches, forcing you to kneel down to inspect tires, or use a floor jack to raise the tire up
  • The Tweel Handler's solution is a built-in ratcheting jack with fourteen inches of vertical travel. No more stooping!
  • The Tweel Handler's U-shaped chassis allows you to get close to the work area, with unhindered access to the tire in the cradle
  • No restraining chains are required, yet the Tweel Handler holds virtually any single truck wheel, including wide-based singles
  • Three heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels mounted under ball-bearing swivel casters make it highly maneuverable

    • Specifications: Dimensions: 47 wide X 33 length X 19 inch height
    • Weight: 162.0 lbs.
Manufacturer: TSI Our Part No: TW2000
Our Inventory Status: available for order
TSI TW2000
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Price $1,468.75
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