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RTI NTF-515 - Nitrogen Tire Filling System

Nitrogen Tire Filling System

NitroPRO nitrogen production and delivery systems generate on-demand nitrogen using shop air and feature an on-board storage reservoir, triple filtration system for system purity and membrane longevity and automatic shut-off for less air compressor on-time.
  • NitroPRO features a inique, automatic inflation / delfaton process to quickly exhaust air and moisture from the tire(s) and then fill them with nitrogen.
  • Dual setting provides either 95 or 98% N2 purity at the outlet with the turn of a switch.
  • Automatic operation with up to six tire simultaneious fill. About 5 minutes to fill four tires (225/60R15 size) simultaneously.
  • RTI’s NitroPRO membrane performs consistently over a wide temperature range and will not deteriorate in cool garage environments. They are fully aged and stabilized before factory shipment. These are large-bore membranes that makes the membrane fiber less susceptible to contamination.
  • Each NitroPRO unit comes standard with a NitroPRO hand-held nitrogen purity tester to provide a quick and accurate nitrogen purity assessment for tires or reservoir.
  • Standard 4 hose tire fill with 6 hose tire fill option (see below) Side mount hose storage neatly bundles hoses, keeps them separated & out of the way
  • Battery (rechargeable) powered fill controller provides superior machine portability – use it anywhere!
  • Power for full day use
    Standard 110v outlet for re-charge
    Conveniently located recharge connection port
    Power recharge cord included
  • Inflation Processor
  • Battery powered
    Fully automatic
    Automatic system purge after service
  • Fill gun
  • Digital display w/ variable units of measure display
    +/- 1% accuracy
    Illuminated display w/ auto shut-off
    Durable rubber coated housing
  • Wheels - Cushioned, non-inflatable w/ permanently lubed bearing
  • Fill versatility – programmable control head easily accommodates variable pressure settings
  • Single tire operation – deflate, vacuum & fill – or simply fill. Perfect for new tire installation or top-offs.
  • Control Panel
  • Inlet air pressure gauge
    N2 reservoir pressure gauge
    Tire fill digital controls
    N2 reservoir purity test port
  • Filter System
  • H2O Separator
    Oil Separator
    Carbon Filter Bed separates & purges random gases
    Fine Particulate Filter traps fin particulates & residual moisture

  • air supply: 100 to 150 psi required
  • electrical: rechargeable battery operates auto-fill
  • 110 – 120VAC, 50/60 hz power required for re-charge
    Low battery indicator included
  • tires per hour: 47 tires
  • storage tank capacity: 15 gallons
  • hose: coiled green air hose – 18 feet working length
    Green ¼ inch air hose – 2 @ 24 feet, 2 @ 12 feet
  • membrane capacity: 5.1 scfm
  • dimensions: 49 h x 20 w x 22 d inches
  • weight: 195 lbs
  • warranty: 5 year parts, 1 year labor
    Auto-inflator, 1 year part & labor

  • optional:
  • Dually-Fill Hose Option readily adapts machine to 6 hose fill capability – part# 3558012300
Manufacturer: RTI Our Part No: NTF-515
Our Inventory Status: available for order
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Price $8,020.86
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