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  ABS 2
  Air Bag 2
  Alternator Starter Tester 10
  Battery/Charge System Analyzer 6
  Charging System Analyzer 75
  Circuit Tester 68
  Drill, Cordless 2
  Electronic Testing 2
  Emissions 10
  Gauge / Hose 5
  Headlamp Aimer 9
  Impact Wrench 1
  Insulation Tester 1
  Labscope 17
  Memory Saver 5
  Multimeter 141
  Multimeter Accessory 190
  Phototach 7
  Pressure Tester 16
  Scan Tool 64
  Scan Tool Accessory 57
  Scan Tool Scope Module 3
  Scan Tool Software 29
  Scopemeter 3
  Short Circuit Tester 5
  Smokemeter 1
  Software 2
  Test Equipment 257
  Test Leads 62
  Thermometer, Infra Red 40
  Timing Light 22
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Power Probe PP401AS - Power Probe IV Diagnostic Circuit Tester
Power Probe IV Diagnostic Circuit Tester
  • Large Multi-Line Color LCD Screen (60 percent larger than the PPIII)
  • Water and Dust Resistant with Loud Indicator Tones
  • Measure DC, AC and Frequency (Hz)
  • Test Resistance on Live and Unloaded Circuits
  • Fuel Injector Tester Mode
  • PCM and ECM Driver Tester Mode
  • Signal Tracer Mode
  • Self-Resetting Circuit Breaker
  • Test Millivolts for Parasitic Draws, Charging System Connectors, Starting Systems, Sensors, Modules and much more
  • Test for Good Source Ground and Power Feeds
  • Test Pulse Width in Fuel Injectors and Ignition Modules
  • Test Frequency (Hz) of Regulators, Injectors, Motors and Sensors
  • Measure the Resistance of Alternators, Regulators, Switches, Solenoids, Interlocks, Sensor Wiring, Fuel Pumps and much more
  • Measure DC and AC voltage on Diodes, Sensors, Modules, Motors, Relays, Fuses, Actuators, Rectifiers and many more
Manufacturer: Power Probe Our Part No: PP401AS
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Power Probe PP401AS
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Price 254.15
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