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OTC 4110A - Ram Hydraulic 55 Ton Single Acting Spring Return
Single Acting 55 Ton Hydraulic Ram with Spring Return

Available in capacities of 5 to 100 tons and for maximum working pressures up to 10000 PSI; 2 to 1 safety factor on material yeild; designed and tested to meet ANSI B30.1. Standard stroke lengths of 5/8 inch to 14-1/4 inch, these compact rams require a minimum of mounting space. Several of the rams feature threaded ram collars and internal base threads to simplify mounting. Also, some of the models have threaded piston rod ends. OTC's design ensures positive, leak-resistant sealing throughout all pressure ranges, yet full piston return characteristics are maintained. Additional bearing surface has been designed into these units, to effectively resist the punishing stress exerted by off-center loads. Depending on capacity, these rams can handle a variety of bending and straightening jobs, construction maintenance applications, pressing operations, body and frame straightening, and rear housing and axle correction.
  • 6-1/4 Inch stroke.
  • 69 Cubic inch oil capacity.
  • 55.2-Tons at 10000 PSI.
  • 11-1/8 Inch collapsed height.
  • 17-3/8 Inch extended height.
Manufacturer: OTC Our Part No: 4110A
OTC 4110A
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Price $873.86
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