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  ABS 2
  Air Bag 2
  Alternator Starter Tester 11
  Battery/Charge System Analyzer 6
  Charging System Analyzer 76
  Circuit Tester 65
  Drill, Cordless 2
  Electronic Testing 2
  Emissions 10
  Gauge / Hose 5
  Headlamp Aimer 9
  Impact Wrench 1
  Insulation Tester 1
  Labscope 18
  Memory Saver 5
  Multimeter 148
  Multimeter Accessory 182
  Phototach 7
  Pressure Tester 16
  Scan Tool 65
  Scan Tool Accessory 58
  Scan Tool Scope Module 3
  Scan Tool Software 33
  Scopemeter 3
  Short Circuit Tester 5
  Smokemeter 1
  Software 2
  Test Equipment 258
  Test Leads 63
  Thermometer, Infra Red 40
  Timing Light 22
OTC 3499N - ScanPro Elite OBD I & OBD II Scan Tool
ScanPro Elite OBD I & OBD II Scan Tool
  • The OTC 3499N ScanPro Elite has a full color screen and an ergonomically designed housing
  • This full function OBD I and OBD II scan tool provides enhanced powertrain coverage for GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota
  • All compliant manufacturers are covered with global OBD II including CAN-based vehicles
    NEW Features:
  • Retains data from the last five vehicles scanned
  • Color QVGA graphic backlit LCD
  • SD memory card expansion slot
  • On tool acronym library
  • Dynamic language switching
  • English and Spanish
  • Toyota OBD I functionality
  • USB port in tool - cable Included
  • Print data via USB PC interface
  • Graphing data – all vehicles
  • Programmable hot key for special user features
    Special User Features:
  • User programmable hot key for specific operator requirements
  • On board power - self powered with 6 AAA batteries
  • (included) to allow data review at the vehicle or at the work bench
  • Power management system assures uninterrupted operation even if vehicle voltage drops
  • Heavy duty design stands up to the rigors of shop use
Manufacturer: OTC Our Part No: 3499N
Our Inventory Status: available for order
OTC 3499N
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Price $349.05
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