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  ABS 2
  Air Bag 1
  Battery/Charge System Analyzer 10
  Charging System Analyzer 67
  Circuit Tester 74
  Drill, Cordless 1
  Electronic Testing 2
  Emissions 6
  Gauge / Hose 5
  Headlamp Aimer 9
  Impact Wrench 1
  Insulation Tester 1
  Labscope 12
  Memory Saver 5
  Multimeter 135
  Multimeter Accessory 190
  Phototach 6
  Pressure Tester 16
  Scan Tool 48
  Scan Tool Accessory 42
  Scan Tool Scope Module 2
  Scan Tool Software 23
  Scopemeter 2
  Short Circuit Tester 4
  Software 1
  Test Equipment 245
  Test Leads 62
  Thermometer, Infra Red 39
  Timing Light 14
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Midtronics GR8-1200AMPKIT - Multi-Task Diagnostic Station w/ Amp Clamp & Printer
Multi-tasking Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station with Inductive Amp Clamp & Integrated Printer

The GR8-1200 Multi-tasking Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station combines GR8 Diagnostic Charging expertise with EXP Battery and Electrical System Diagnostics to create a complete, flexible and expandable diagnostic station.

The GR8-1200 features the innovative Multi-tasking Bridge, which allows the user to perform battery and electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while the charger is in use. That means you can now effectively multi-task in the garage and get more value out of one complete diagnostic station.

  • Wireless Multi-Tasking
  • EXP battery and electrical diagnostic capabilities
  • Dynamic conductance battery testing technology
    Advanced electrical dystem diagnostics featuring digital signal processing
    DMM function for advanced diagnostics
    Patented conductance cable drop test

  • GR8 Diagnostic Charging Functions
  • Diagnostic charging mode
    ECM - power supply mode
    Jump-start mode
    Manual mode

  • Flexible Design for Maximum Service Garage Utility
  • Integrated, cart design puts controls at the user’s level
    Removable controller design provides flexibility and isolates key electronics away from the heat associated with battery charging
    Provides service and repair flexibility
    Quick connect removable test cables and charging cables for maximum service flexibility

  • Advanced Communications
  • Large back-lit graphical screen
    Full alphanumeric keypad including hot keys
    USB port
    Data card reader/writer for simple in-field upgrades and data
Manufacturer: Midtronics Our Part No: GR8-1200AMPKIT
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Midtronics GR8-1200AMPKIT
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Price $2,850.99
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