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  Brush 32
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Kleen Tec KT4000BIO - CleanMaster 30 Gal Aqueous Parts Washer w/ Heater
KleenTec CleanMaster - 30 Gal Aqueous Parts Washers w/ Heater - Bioremediation Cleaning System

The natural technology of bioremediation can reduce solid waste and virtually eliminate liquid waste.
  • Reducing both solid and liquid waster is cost effective and also minimizes cumbersome regulatory compliance and reporting
  • During the parts cleaning process, living microbes, which are stored in the solution, are released when water is added to the solution.
  • These safe hydro-carbon converting microbes actually cleanse the liquid of organic impurities by converting them into carbon dioxide and water.
  • This cleaning system also includes filter systems to remove particulates
  • Comes complete with aerator pump to sustain the life of the microbes
  • Corrosion resistant heavy duty pump
  • Heavy-duty roto-cast thermoplastic cleaning basin with large cleaning capacity.
  • Two removable stainless steel shelves.
  • Parts washer completely supported by huavy-duty stand and 3 cross braces.
  • Ground fault circuit interupter for added shock resistant safety.
  • Filter system - Prolongs fluid life
  • Soaking capacity up to 30 gallons.
  • Spigot with fluid control valve.
  • Designed for non-flammable water-based cleaning solutions.
  • Heater thermostatically controlled-preset to 110 degrees.
  • Spring loaded stainless steel lid closure with (fire link).
  • Low level fluid sensor.
  • Mechanical agitation - 15 spray heads with fluid control valve.
  • Dual switches - heater and pump.
  • Flo-Thru brush with adjustable fluid control.
  • CSA and NRTL/C approved.
  • Optional oil skimmer available.
  • Use KleenTec KT675 microbe eliminator only
  • Use bio-tablets KT5333 upon set up of machine and every time machines is serviced (4-8 weeks).
  • Overall Size: 36 L x 26 W x 18 inches H
  • Weight: 155 lbs.
Manufacturer: Kleen Tec Our Part No: KT4000BIO
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Kleen Tec KT4000BIO
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Price $1,425.24
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