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Kastar Hand Tools 7794 - Spark Plug Rethreader 14mm
14mm Rear Drum Brake Rod Adjusting Wrench

  • The brake-adjusting wrench consists of a 14mm Latch-On wheel in an E-Z Grip wrench
  • The Latch-On wheel allows the wrench to pass over the threaded brake rod, but prevents the wrench from slipping off the adjusting nut as the rear brake is adjusted
  • The Latch-On wheel is reversed from its normal orientation. This handle and wrench orientation makes it easy to check brake pedal height while adjusting the rear brake
  • Wrench covers all years and major model platforms of metric motorcycles
Manufacturer: Kastar Hand Tools Our Part No: 7794
Our Inventory Status: available for order
Kastar Hand Tools 7794
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Price $13.95
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