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Bon 32-103-B6 - Concrete Release Agent
Concrete Release Agent, Light Gray
  • Prevents texture mats and rollers from adhering to freshly placed concrete
  • Our texture mats will not work without the use of a release agent
  • After bleed water has dispersed, uniformly apply using the broadcast method
  • Texture mats may be set in place as soon as the release has been applied
  • Color result depends on how hard the concrete surface is at the time of application, the texture of the concrete and the amount of release removed when pressure washing
  • Generally, 3.5 pounds of material is required per 100 square feet
  • Coverage varies depending on the depth of the texture mat impression
  • A 5 gallon container will cover approximately 800-1000 square feet
  • Color: Light Gray
Manufacturer: Bon Our Part No: 32-103-B6
Our Inventory Status: available for order

Bon 32-103-B6
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Price $75.64
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