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AutoMeter POSI-160 - Battery Charger and Tester Interface
Battery Charger and Tester Interface

The POSI-160 interface hub uses a single board computer running custom developed software. The POSI-160 is programmed to automatically down load data and push new firmware to connected compliant Auto Meter equipment (BVA-260, BVA-230, XTC-160, XCPRO-80). The POSI-160 also serves as a printer interface that can send print jobs to a network printer or directly attached printer.
  • Up to 6 pieces of equipment can be connected / tethered to the POSI-169 via USB.
  • Includes and Ethernet port for connection to a store network.
  • Includes an IR receiver to accept and process print jobs wirelessly from the BVA-230 and BVA-260.
  • Includes an HDMI output for future display options.
  • Includes equipment status LED’s
  • Renews the anti-theft security on the BVA-230 and BVA-260.
  • Compatible with the PR-16 and PR-17 high speed thermal printers.
  • Custom configurable to customer specific needs.
Manufacturer: AutoMeter Our Part No: POSI-160
Our Inventory Status: in stock
AutoMeter POSI-160
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Price $1,600.28
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